Backyard Grill Opinions

Hey everyone, I have a thought and I would love input from you.  I know I don't have a lot of followers, but I'm sure someone has experience in this arena.

Right now as my backyard sits, I have a Weber Genesis grill standalone that I use pretty regularly. I have been debating on the idea of going to a built in with an outdoor kitchen feel to it.  I had even thought of doing a wood fire pizza oven along with it just to add a bit more functionality to the whole kitchen feel.  My question to you all is do you think it is worth it?  

Is it worth the trouble and the hassle of building such a large island?  What do you think the pros and cons are of such a setup?  I would love to hear your feedback.

Something along the lines of this photo, minus the green egg, and the extra drawers between the grill and the oven.  Maybe a sink, maybe not.

Thoughts on a setup like this minus the drawers and green egg.

Thoughts on a setup like this minus the drawers and green egg.

Fresh Veggies

I haven't been posting updates on smoothies lately, because honestly I haven't been doing anything new and exciting!  I've been drinking my go to banana/vanilla or banana/peach.  So nothing new on that venue.  But I did finish building a fence to surround our garden so that our dog Rascal wouldn't get into our veggies.  I think it looks great, and I will post another pic later tomorrow of it with the mulch in the garden and it looks fantastic.  Let me know what you think.  Here is a list of what we have.  I didn't want to go too overboard because I haven't done a garden in a few years.  


Tomato Plants x 2

Cherry Tomato



Peas x 4

Romaine Lettuce x 6


Red Pepper

Yellow Pepper

Strawberries in a separate container

Pineapple Peach

So the new peach life shake is fantastic!  Today we put in some frozen pineapple and I can tell you right now it was a winner!  I didn't measure how much I put, but almond milk, life shake, & a handful of frozen pineapple.  It was a solid 8 out of 10 for sure.  I'm telling you right now, if you like peaches you NEED to try our peach shake.  It tastes so good, and it's a limited time flavor.

**NEW** Life Flavor

Today we decided to give the brand new seasonal Life Protein Shake a try.  It is called Summer Peach.  I have to say that it lives up to it's name!  It has a fantastic smooth and creamy peach flavor.  I can see making some seriously delicious shakes with this protein.  If you are interested in giving it a try, go here and order yourself one or you can shoot us a message and get it from our office.  Right now I only have one on hand, so first come first serve.  Get the goodness!

Cave Tools Smoker Box

I just wanted to share a cool product that I use pretty regularly.  I bought it from Amazon for $22 and it is called the Cave Tools Smoker Box.  I love the taste of smoked meats, but I just had a hard time coming to terms with spending $500 for a smoker that I may or may not use all the time.  

Then I found this baby, and for $22 I can get a pretty good smoke flavor on my gas grill.  Is it as good as a legit smoker?  No, but it does a decent job.  We've smoked Brats, Steak, Chicken and veggies.  All of it has been fantastic.  So all I can say is if you are in the boat I was in, give this sweet little tool a try and let me know what you think of it!

Smoothie Update

I have been missing for the last couple days with smoothie recipes, but let me tell you why.  Our Blendtec blender was starting to sound really off.  After the last use I was messing around with it to find out what was wrong.  The blades were very wobbly and loose.  So until we get a new pitcher for the Blendtec we won't be doing any crazy smoothies.  It seemed a bit unsafe so we won't be using it until the new one arrives.  Sorry for the delay on new recipes.