Leadership Library

I am a member of a monthly box subscription service that deals with leadership.  It comes with books on leadership, habits, creating choices, etc.  I am in the process of reading through some of these books and thought to myself "why not share?"  So I will be posting up the books I am currently reading and you can request to "check it out" once I finish.  

If you check them out, I would only ask 2 things.  #1 - Would you pay the postage.  #2 - When you are done, either return it to me or find someone in your business that you feel would benefit from the book and give it to them to read and pass along.  



Your best year ever

5 step plan for achieving your most important goals!  This will be the first book I read and finish.  So far I have read some and it is fantastic.


The happiness advantage

Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that fuel Success and Performance at Work.  This will be book #2



How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days.  Book #3.