New Shoes V2

Here are my new shoes version 2!  Adidas Boston 6 and these things are awesome!  I have to tell you the 3 oz per shoe less in weight feels like a brick has been removed.  Not only that, these bad boys when you get onto the flat just want to run fast!  As an example.  I ran a 2 miler on Tuesday with the other Adidas and averaged an 8:36/mile.  I did a 4 miler on Wednesday with these and averaged an 8:35/mile and kept my HR in zone 4 for the majority of the run unlike the 2 miler the day before.  So there you have it, these shoes are sweet.  I will be rotating both sets and love running with each, it's just a totally different experience in each shoe.  One is more cushioned and heavier, and the other is less cushioned a little more confined and lighter.  I'll keep you all updated as I wear them in.


New Shoes V1

So it was time to say goodbye to my favorite running shoes so far, my Asics Gel Lyte33 v3 shoes served me well for over 400 miles.  But it was time to retire them.  Unfortunately they no longer are making them, so I had to hunt for a new shoe.  I went through 3 different pairs that I returned because either they were to narrow, too tight, arch was weird, etc.  Finally I came across the Adidas Ultraboost ST.  These are super cushioned, nice wide toebox (which I love) and the toe box is a nice mesh.  So far I have run 3 different distances in these (4, 6, & 7miles), and I only have one complaint.  These weigh 11.5 ounces and the shoes I came from weighed 6.8 ounces.  It is a noticeable difference in weight and I can definitely feel it weighing my feet down especially when I get into the "tired" zone.  This is the reason why this post is titled V1.  I have another option coming soon and will see if they can fit into the rotation.

Upping Mileage!

So I just hit 200 miles for the year.  Yes that doesn't sound like a lot and for you marathon runners, that is chump change.  But, I did a search on garmin connect yesterday because I was curious.  My search time range was from June 1st to August 31st.  Out of the 200 miles, 142 miles of those were in that date range.  So that is a huge jump in mileage for the year.  I am still planning on hitting at least 350 this year, so I've gotta keep on chugging and upping my mileage.


It's been at least 2 years since I've seen the scale hit this point!  So that will add a little fuel to the fire as far as working out goes, and eating right.  I don't get on the scale all that often, because I don't like worrying about a number.  I like to feel better about myself by feeling what my body is doing, not feeling better by seeing a number.  Although I do know that the numbers mean something, it isn't everything.  So get out there and workout, and try and eat right.  Look at the numbers but don't judge everything you are doing by what the numbers say.  WOOT!


In The Beginning....But Not

I wanted to put something on this website of mine about my personal journey.  I have been actively working on being more healthy, but this is the first post about my adventure.  I just ran 5 miles today and averaged a 9:05/mile.  Not my fastest, and not my longest, but overall I am very happy with that.  I'm in need of new shoes, and they should be here tomorrow.  I've tried to replace the ones I have multiple times already, but can't seem to find anything that feels as good as what I have.

We have been eating better, and I'm actually finding healthy options that our kids will eat.  I'll be posting up here about food, products, or new gadgets that I feel change the game.  Thanks for joining me on this journey of mine!