Power of Community

I would like to just share a few thoughts I've had about the power of community.  When I look around and notice different social activities that go on around us, I see a common thread.  The activities that seem to flourish are the ones that best create a community.  If you find something that others are passionate about, and bring them all together into one place to socialize it is the beginning of a community.  The real power begins to happen when that group starts to mesh as a unified force for what drives them.  When the group transforms from people with a common desire to a community of friends with a common desire, it becomes infinitely more powerful.  

I've looked at this from a few different aspects of my own life.  First off, the community that I felt when I was part of the Utah Mini Club.  It was a club consisting of people who had a passion for their cars.  It brought together people from all walks of life to talk and interact based off of what they enjoyed.  Friendships were formed because of......my car.  As time passed, the club broke apart because people sold their cars or moved, etc.  But I look back on that time in my life with a lot of joy.

Secondly, I look at my Shaklee business.  We have been in business for 57 years, and have seen many people come and go.  But, we have also seen people who (because of their passion for health) have stayed either customers or built businesses based off of that passion.  Some of whom just celebrated their Shaklee Anniversaries that I have posted on the main page.  The interesting thing is, even though this is a business...we call our customers or business partners "Shaklee Family."  When we see each other (regardless of how long it has been) we feel right at home with them.  The passion and desire to create health for those around us has brought us all together.  Because of that we have many friends all with a common goal even though we all live very different lives.

Anyway, I just find these kind of observations interesting and I thought I'd share.  Have a great Thursday!

Listening to Roger Barnett with my "Shaklee Family!"

Listening to Roger Barnett with my "Shaklee Family!"

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