The beginning of the habit adventure

I know I had mentioned that I found a cool website that I decided I’d try their service. That site is Habit! Well, both Christie and I received the kit and finally had a day that we felt up to getting all the testing done. I have to say right off that the packaging the testing kit comes in is extremely well put together and the fact that it is fully recyclable made it even more cool. I’m attaching some of the photos of the kit here so you can see what you get. Now, for the ummmmm……fun part. We fasted overnight so that it would be nice and easy. Once the kids were off to school we got right into it.

Cheek swabs…done! That was easy, right? Well, the fun had just begun. Next you get to prick your finger for a blood sample. I had no problem pricking Christie’s finger, but doing it to yourself is something completely different. Ha, you push knowing the pain is coming and you act like going slow is going to make it hurt less…but it doesn’t! In fact I think you are almost more stunned when it goes off doing it yourself then if someone does it for you. After the first blood draw you get to drink a shake, it wasn’t bad but it had a lot of sugar and seriously by the time you finish you just don’t feel so great. Wait 30 minutes and you get to poke yourself again for more blood. After that you get to wait another 90 minutes and do it all over again! Thankfully, at that point you are DONE!

We have sent our tests in and I received an email saying that once the results come in I will receive an email stating what they found. So for now, I wait…and when I do find out the results I will have a breakdown of them and thoughts on if I feel the whole process is worth it.

For now, just wait with me and we will see how it goes.

Dan MadsenComment