Have you ever wondered why you should "Go Green?"

Is your world at home clean and safe? Our Get Clean® line lets you take care of the world you live in with natural, and nontoxic cleaning choices that are safe for you, your home, and the world we live on.

Safe: Get Clean and your home
Some ingredients found in common cleaners may be toxic, like butyl cellosolve™, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc. Doesn’t sound or smell clean at all, right? Thankfully, Get Clean has none of these things. Get Clean products are nontoxic and free of harmful fumes, nitrates, phosphates and chlorine bleach. Trust me when I say “clean shouldn’t have a smell.”

Powerful: Tough on dirt, kind to our planet
Typically, strong cleaners are tough on the environment, but a lot of eco-friendly cleaners seem a little too “kind” to dirt. Get Clean products, allow you the opportunity to have both powerful and safe cleaners.

Green: Earth-friendly cleaning agents
While you clean your house, you can keep your planet clean too. Get Clean uses biodegradable, earth-friendly cleaning agents with no phosphates, nitrates, or other things that the planet doesn’t like. And, Get Clean products are super-concentrated, and you get to mix them yourself. When you use the Get Clean Starter Kit, you help keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.*

Smart: Save money while you help save the earth
With Get Clean being concentrated not only to reduce waste for our planet but it saves you $$$ too. With some cleaners, a lot of what you’re paying for is water; our smaller bottles contain a lot more cleaning power and save you $$$! When you buy a starter kit, you’ll be saving yourself around $3400 in cleaning products over the time you have the Get Clean cleaners. Can you think of something you’d like $3400 for? I know I can!

If you haven’t already tried our cleaners, give me a call and I’ll send you a sample of Basic H. I’m telling you, the effort it takes to mix your own cleaners for windows, all purpose, and degreaser is so simple you will wish you did this long ago.

Green Cleaners
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