Harsh Reality

I have come to a harsh realization that as you get older you just can’t do what you have always done. Yes, I am not over the hill old or anything like that….but I am 40. I’ve noticed that my body just doesn’t recover the way it use to when I exercise. For example. I hit my fastest per mile average a few weeks ago. Since then I haven’t run, because I have been dealing with some lower back pain. Am I beyond irritated? You better believe it. Have I had a difficult time just resting? Yes I have! Do I want to get back out there and run again? Every single day. But I also realize that I must rest and allow it to heal up or I will be in even bigger trouble. So here I sit, trying to be patient as my body heals itself. I will be back out there running soon, but until then I will mull over in my head how it just sucks getting older when your body decides to cause you issues.

Dan MadsenComment