Business Productivity Upgrade

I recently purchased a few upgrades for my business productivity.  I bought the iPad Pro 10.5" along with the stylus (the stylus is a game changer compared to my old iPads).  And to go along with such an amazing piece of tech, I purchased a modular case to keep things organized and tidy along with protecting the iPad.  The case is made in Italy and is a rich and beautiful leather.  The overall build quality is insanely nice, and I look forward to breaking it in.  The pocket on the left bottom of the case is for my phone (which isn't shown because it was taking the pictures) and I like the fact that now I don't always need to carry it in my back pocket.  

Also, the pen is from Machine Era and it is a beautiful piece of machined goodness.  Let me know what you think, and if there are any apps I NEED to have to stay productive.

Dan MadsenComment