A penny for my thoughts

I just want to share some thoughts I've had recently because of our International travels with our family. 

  1. Travel with your kids!  Honestly, before our trip I had many friends and family tell me they thought I was crazy for taking our 4 kids with us to Europe.  I can see why they would say that, but in response I'd say it is totally worth taking them.  Our kids travel enough with us that they are really good at traveling.  The way we see it in our family is if you travel with the kids they learn how to be good traveller's.  On top of that, some of the experiences that they are able to enjoy will be with them their whole life.  I still vividly remember traveling as a youngster with my parents.  Kids are only young for so long, you have to enjoy every minute.
  2. Get out and enjoy the world.  Honestly the history in Europe is amazing.  We went to the Roman Baths and when you think they were built shortly after Christ lived on earth it absolutely blows your mind.  Watching and interacting with people from a different culture opens your eyes to the fact that there are other points of view out there.  It opens your minds eye and allows you to see that some of the things we complain about or feel are a major issue in our lives might not really be that big in the overall scope of things.
  3. Take time to take it easy.  One of the major things I noticed in Paris, and the British Country is that it is much more "chill."  People hanging out at the park, taking time for a coffee, or just closing down shop earlier in the day.  I mean being an American I was a bit annoyed that shops closed at 5p and I couldn't find a place to get groceries after that time, but I also realized it allows more time with your family.  I'd challenge everyone to take some time out every day and just enjoy the day.  Suck in the life we enjoy, because it is fleeting and I know for me, I don't want to be so busy that when my last day comes I haven't enjoyed the journey.

Anyway, enough blabbering from me.  I hope you find some of these thoughts useful, and honestly.....just enjoy LIFE!

Dan MadsenComment