Ti Arto EDC Pen

I finally received my Ti Arto EDC Pen that I purchased through Kickstarter.  To the unknowing person, it looks like a typical pen.  Nothing special, other than it is made out of titanium.  But, this pen accepts the "parker style ballpoint pen" and the "standard rollerball pen" refills.  Which opens up the ability to choose between 750+ refills for this pen.  Unlike most pens where you are limited to a certain refill style, this gives you options...and I for one love options. 

With the cap off, the pen is a bit short for my taste, but put the cap on the back end of the pen and it fits nicely.  Also the little ridges at the tip of the pen give a really nice feel while holding it in your hand.  I'll give updates as they come along, but for now lets just say this pen is AWESOME!

Dan MadsenComment