Running & Stress

Maybe it's just me, but it seems to be that if you get out and run it helps relieve stress.  I personally believe there is something to the fact that you are out there running and alone with your thoughts that helps get you centered again.  So much in life is bombarding us all the time, that I think if you can get out and take 30+ minutes running, it helps remove some of those external stresses that take up so much energy throughout the day, week, months, & years.  I listen to music, chew gum and run.  I always dread the first mile, but once I get in the groove I love the struggle and the peace that I find while I run.  

So I'd challenge you to get out and run!  Trust me, I was the guy who always said "if I'm going to run it's going to be while playing basketball, soccer, or some sport.  I will NEVER run just to run!"  Well after about a month of pushing myself to run, I found out that I actually really enjoyed it.  I don't even like to do races honestly.  I find getting up super early to get to the start line, to be surrounded by 100's of other people to run isn't really my bag.  I like the peace that I get from me being with just me on the road or the trail.  It is like getting in touch with your inner self and it is absolutely addictive.  Get out and give it a try, you might just find out that you enjoy running like I do.

Dan MadsenComment