Mountain Bike Switch Up

I thought I'd share with you all my latest switch-a-roo.  I was a proud owner of a 2014 Trek Fuel EX8 29er for several years now.  I had done some fun upgrades to make it a bit more suitable for me, but to be perfectly honest I never really got use to the 29" wheels.  They always seemed so large, and cumbersome.  Yes you could bomb anything and not have to really worry about roots or rocks, etc....but it just never felt very natural to me.  So I decided to put it up for sale on one Sunday afternoon.  Later that day, it was sold and off to the new owner.  So it was time to replace it with something that I hopefully will feel much more comfortable with.  Without further ado I give you my new bike.....

It's a Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 in the blacked out edition.  After spending some time putting it together and getting it all dialed in I took a ride around the neighborhood.  I have to tell you that the 27.5" wheel set feels 10000% more manageable and what I want in a bike.  Growing up with the 26" wheels this is much more in line with what I am accustomed too and I LIKE IT....I LIKE IT A LOT!!  Can't wait to get it out on some trails shortly and rip it up.  I will be posting about rides and posting up pics from the trail in the near future.  But for now, enjoy the photos.

Dan MadsenComment