A few insights from my book

I just wanted to share really quick a little bit about the book I am currently reading. The title of the book is “The Bravest You” and so far I must say it is fantastic. The basis of the book, is helping you fight your fears, find your passion, and create an extraordinary life. I’m about a 1/4 of the way through the book, and I’d like to share a few quotes that I have highlighted in the book because I feel they are insightful.

  • “We all have a responsibility to find bravery, because there are people who are waiting for us to fight our fears and to embrace our futures.”

  • “When you see that you serve a purpose that is bigger than yourself, putting in the necessary effort to find bravery always becomes worthwhile.”

  • “Few people recognize passion for what it is——the fuel behind bravery.”

  • “Complacency and/or “playing it safe” are silent enemies that can tell us all the reasons why we don’t need to keep pressing forward and become better.”

Those are a few quotes that I found to be really powerful. Before I finish this post I want to share one last point that is made in the book. This question is posed and I believe it is very powerful so I will pose it to all of you.

How much is living a great life worth to me, and can I afford to not become better?

Dan MadsenComment