Back at it.....running

It’s been a minute since I posted anything about running. Well, that is because I was having some lower back pain that I needed to take care of. I took almost a month and a half off of running and it was extremely difficult for me to be “Okay” with that.

Finally I went in for a deep tissue massage and that helped tremendously. My back is still in need of some serious work. I’ve had two deep tissue massages since I stopped running and they have been awesome. My last massage was 90 minutes and I’d say about 65 of that was spent solely on my back.

But what has that allowed me to do? Get back to running!! I’ve had a couple solid runs since I had taken time off, but yesterday was an EPIC run. I broke 2 PR’s (on Strava) and set a new 5k record for myself. I’m extremely glad to be back out there running, because it is my place of peace and helps me stay centered and relieves stress.

What is it that helps you stay centered in your life?

Dan MadsenComment