Music to provoke thought

My thoughts today revolve around music. I have loved hip-hop/rap for a very long time, and continue to do so. But, that isn’t the music I want to discuss today (even though the state of that genre has a lot to discuss). I’d like to journey down a rabbit hole that consists of music that is mind and soul stirring. Now I understand music has certain effects on different people, and maybe the music I share won’t hit you like it hits me. But, I consider myself a very well rounded music lover and some of these songs stir up some serious emotions.

Before I get into what music I want to share today, I would like to make sure you understand the power music has. Think about your favorite movie, and imagine it without music. Sound effects are part of the experience but music plays a major role in the impact of a movie or specific scene. I’ll take one of my wife’s favorite movies Twilight and tell you that without the music this movie would be terrible (some might say it is terrible even with the amazing soundtracks). Anyway, without further hesitation here are a few songs that if you listen to them with your eyes closed will take you into a deep state of thought. They honestly send me to another realm and all chaos of the world we live in melts away. There are many more, that I will probably share at a different time…but this will get you started. I also tried to get music that fits this from different genres, so it’s not all the same style. I’d love your thoughts or additions.

Edit: I tried to link actual music to this post, but it didn't work. So share with me what you think fits this bill and let’s go that route.