Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is something that is usually on my mind twice a year. Why twice a year? Well, I end up thinking about going through my stuff during our Semi-annual church conference. I started doing that about 8 years ago and have been slowly building up my kits as I go. Are these complete? I think they are pretty good, but I’m sure I’m missing something or have too much of something else. Regardless of what I have too much of, or not enough of the fact remains that I have at least put something together in preparation which is better than not having anything done. Anyway, I am going to share what I have put together in my families 72 hour kits and link a few sites that helped me get what I have together. Without further ado.


3x underwear, 3x shirts, 3x socks, 1x pants, 1x thermals, Bivy,

Emergency Blanket, 3x body warmers, Paracord 25 feet, Zip ties

Hand Chainsaw, Latex Gloves, Leather Gloves, Fishing Kit, Tool Logic

Water Purification Tabs, Electrolyte drink, Garbage Bags, Leatherman

Knife, Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Goggles, Foldable Water Bottle

4x AA Batteries, 4x AAA Batteries, Water Filter, Moleskin Roll, 4x MRE

Towel, 13x Water Pouch, 6x Wet Fire, Tube Tent, Utah Map, Plastic Sheet

2x Lightsticks, 2x Dust Masks, Life Straw, Duct Tape, Flashlight, Lighter

Waterproof matches, Rain Poncho, 2x Meal Bars, 2x Trail Mix Packs, Gum

2x Candles, Emergency Radio, Flashlight, Headlamp, Cash, Multi tool Axe,

Secure Flashdrive with family info on it, and of course the 9mm.

So that is what’s in my bag. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things or am missing a few things but that’s why I check it and try to update it regularly. As for the rest of the family, Christie’s bag has a lot of the same items and a few that my bag doesn’t have. Then the kids bags have about half of what my bag has and specific items for them, including things like coloring books, and toys, etc. The reason I have put a lot of the same items in multiple bags is so that if one bag goes missing or for some reason we aren’t together we won’t need to go through multiple bags to find that one item.

A few sites that I used to come up with a layout of what I should have in my bags are listed here: PreparednessMama, SurvivalMom, ThoughtCo, Urbachletter

As you can see from the links, there are many thoughts on what is “needed” in your bag. I mean some items are universal, but some go with less while some go overboard. It is kind of a tough and fun exercise to try and put one of these together. I’m trying to get a feel for what I really “need” and what could go in the garage as a “possible” item. The weight of the backpacks must be taken into consideration. I haven’t figured out the best method for packing my bags yet, and I do think it would be interesting to go for at least 2 days living just out of the bag and see what I’m missing or don’t need.

I welcome any feedback or insight into my list. I’m learning and trying to be prepared.

Yes, I also picked up two more bags for my younger kiddos. I’ll take a new picture and probably a picture with the items out for demonstration purposes.

Yes, I also picked up two more bags for my younger kiddos. I’ll take a new picture and probably a picture with the items out for demonstration purposes.

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