the world we live in

Hey all, I’ve just been thinking a lot about the state of the world we live in. I would say that I have a pretty diverse group of friends and acquaintances, and with that comes many different opinions and thoughts. One of my favorite things to do, is to discuss “hot” topics with my friends. Do these discussions have opinions on both ends of the spectrum? Yes they do, so obviously with that comes a little bit of head banging. But I will tell you something that I find very critical in these discussions that unfortunately doesn’t happen out in the world…..the art of listening and being open to other points of view.

I can say in total honesty that in some of these discussions my mind has been changed from the stance that I had previously had. Believe it or not, that CAN happen. But only if you are willing to look at both sides of an argument and do some of your own critical thinking. Not only has my mind been changed, but some of my friends minds have been changed more in my direction due to these discussions also. So what is it that is holding our society back from these types of experiences?

Unfortunately as the heading of this post says it’s “the world we live in.” With social media, news channels that are polar opposites, and pretty much all discussion only being “liberal or conservative” these problems will continue to go the way they are unless we are willing to open our minds to different perspectives. One of the major issues I have with the way things are now, is the amount of hate towards anyone who thinks differently than someone else. Since when has having a differing opinion meant, I must “hate and loathe” you?

If I could wish for something, it wouldn’t be World Peace (because unfortunately that’s an unachievable dream in my opinion), my wish would be for people to have the guts to sit down and be rational adults in a discussion. No yelling, no name calling, no hate, just talking with an open mind and if at the end of the discussion things haven’t changed…so be it! It’s not a reason to be angry, not a reason to despise, not a reason to loathe, and not a reason that you can’t be kind, caring, and maybe even friends with the person you disagree with. These are aspects of life that will never go away. We aren’t all going to agree on everything EVER! So let’s act like adults, not little children throwing fits and get along. Not only get along, but be willing to explore options and ideas that could be “middle ground” on an issue. This is how we move forward as a society, and this is how we improve our country, and world. Will it create world peace? I doubt it, but it should allow us to get along much better then we are at this current junction.

I’d love thoughts or differing opinions if you have them. Have a great Tuesday!

Dan MadsenComment