New Shoes V2

Here are my new shoes version 2!  Adidas Boston 6 and these things are awesome!  I have to tell you the 3 oz per shoe less in weight feels like a brick has been removed.  Not only that, these bad boys when you get onto the flat just want to run fast!  As an example.  I ran a 2 miler on Tuesday with the other Adidas and averaged an 8:36/mile.  I did a 4 miler on Wednesday with these and averaged an 8:35/mile and kept my HR in zone 4 for the majority of the run unlike the 2 miler the day before.  So there you have it, these shoes are sweet.  I will be rotating both sets and love running with each, it's just a totally different experience in each shoe.  One is more cushioned and heavier, and the other is less cushioned a little more confined and lighter.  I'll keep you all updated as I wear them in.

Dan MadsenComment