End of week thought

I just wanted to put this little picture here for all of you to think about. The reality is, in this day and age it is harder and harder to eat the foods that are beneficial to our bodies. We live in a world full of GMO, pesticides, etc. and those factors leech into our food intake. Organic is a step in the right direction, but even that isn’t as pure as it should be. So before you take a bite of that doughnut, cake, burger, etc. remember this saying.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love sweets, burgers, fries, etc. I try to eat them in moderation, and combat what I eat with the supplements that I take along with the exercise I do. So in closing, just do the best you can and try to do whatever you are doing in moderation. Have a great weekend!!



I just need to put it out here for everyone to see. I FINALLY had a 3+ mile run where I averaged under 8 minutes a mile! Today I did this run, and it was amazing. First mile and a half is downhill, but as you can see I ran the same route back up. The part I’m most happy about is the final mile (all uphill) I averaged an 8:08/mile. Anyway, this goes to show that if you keep at it you can achieve your goals. Now to run under 8’s consistently and add mileage. But at this moment I will celebrate finally breaking that barrier!

Morning Run

trying out a new service

Hey, just thought I'd share going into the weekend a new service that I decided to give a try.  You can see what it's all about HERE, but it is called Habit.  It's a service that looks into your DNA and is able to break down for you what the best foods are for your own personal intake.  Some people may be better suited for high protein while others are better with lower protein and higher carbs, as an example.  Go check out the site and see what you think.  I will be posting up a very detailed breakdown of the process once I get the package.  So stay tuned, but while you wait go and read what they do and let me know your thoughts!  Have a great weekend!

Power of Community

I would like to just share a few thoughts I've had about the power of community.  When I look around and notice different social activities that go on around us, I see a common thread.  The activities that seem to flourish are the ones that best create a community.  If you find something that others are passionate about, and bring them all together into one place to socialize it is the beginning of a community.  The real power begins to happen when that group starts to mesh as a unified force for what drives them.  When the group transforms from people with a common desire to a community of friends with a common desire, it becomes infinitely more powerful.  

I've looked at this from a few different aspects of my own life.  First off, the community that I felt when I was part of the Utah Mini Club.  It was a club consisting of people who had a passion for their cars.  It brought together people from all walks of life to talk and interact based off of what they enjoyed.  Friendships were formed because of......my car.  As time passed, the club broke apart because people sold their cars or moved, etc.  But I look back on that time in my life with a lot of joy.

Secondly, I look at my Shaklee business.  We have been in business for 57 years, and have seen many people come and go.  But, we have also seen people who (because of their passion for health) have stayed either customers or built businesses based off of that passion.  Some of whom just celebrated their Shaklee Anniversaries that I have posted on the main page.  The interesting thing is, even though this is a business...we call our customers or business partners "Shaklee Family."  When we see each other (regardless of how long it has been) we feel right at home with them.  The passion and desire to create health for those around us has brought us all together.  Because of that we have many friends all with a common goal even though we all live very different lives.

Anyway, I just find these kind of observations interesting and I thought I'd share.  Have a great Thursday!

 Listening to Roger Barnett with my "Shaklee Family!"

Listening to Roger Barnett with my "Shaklee Family!"

Business Productivity Upgrade

I recently purchased a few upgrades for my business productivity.  I bought the iPad Pro 10.5" along with the stylus (the stylus is a game changer compared to my old iPads).  And to go along with such an amazing piece of tech, I purchased a modular case to keep things organized and tidy along with protecting the iPad.  The case is made in Italy and is a rich and beautiful leather.  The overall build quality is insanely nice, and I look forward to breaking it in.  The pocket on the left bottom of the case is for my phone (which isn't shown because it was taking the pictures) and I like the fact that now I don't always need to carry it in my back pocket.  

Also, the pen is from Machine Era and it is a beautiful piece of machined goodness.  Let me know what you think, and if there are any apps I NEED to have to stay productive.

Power of you

Power of YOU!  What exactly does that mean?  A prime example is something that I really enjoy dealing with on a pretty regular basis.  Running!  Let me explain why I think it's a great example.  When I go out on a run, typically the first mile is easy but mentally my mind isn't into it yet so I constantly question if I can complete the run that day.  So the first mile is a major mental game for me.  Once that mile has been finished, I'm in my groove and things just flow.  But....like my run yesterday where I pushed myself to run steep inclines, I am always challenging myself mentally and physically.  

The thing that always amazes me, is the "Power of YOU!"  Yesterday about half way through the hill climb, my mind was saying "you can't finish this hill, it's too hard."  My body was aching, breathing was labored, sweat was pouring off my head, and in that instant you have 2 choices.  Listen to the voice in your head and stop, or tell your mind to "shut it" and push through.  The phrase "mind over matter." is in full swing in these moments.  It is such an interesting fact to analyze if you take the time to do so.

Using my small example, can you think of times that you have had to overcome what your mind was telling you?  These moments happen all the time, and don't have to be associated with a sport.  They happen daily in all sorts of different moments and challenges.  I'd just challenge you to remember the "POWER OF YOU!" the next time you doubt yourself.  You are much greater than you give yourself credit for, and this is a FACT!