Ti Arto EDC Pen

I finally received my Ti Arto EDC Pen that I purchased through Kickstarter.  To the unknowing person, it looks like a typical pen.  Nothing special, other than it is made out of titanium.  But, this pen accepts the "parker style ballpoint pen" and the "standard rollerball pen" refills.  Which opens up the ability to choose between 750+ refills for this pen.  Unlike most pens where you are limited to a certain refill style, this gives you options...and I for one love options. 

With the cap off, the pen is a bit short for my taste, but put the cap on the back end of the pen and it fits nicely.  Also the little ridges at the tip of the pen give a really nice feel while holding it in your hand.  I'll give updates as they come along, but for now lets just say this pen is AWESOME!

Mountain Bike Switch Up

I thought I'd share with you all my latest switch-a-roo.  I was a proud owner of a 2014 Trek Fuel EX8 29er for several years now.  I had done some fun upgrades to make it a bit more suitable for me, but to be perfectly honest I never really got use to the 29" wheels.  They always seemed so large, and cumbersome.  Yes you could bomb anything and not have to really worry about roots or rocks, etc....but it just never felt very natural to me.  So I decided to put it up for sale on one Sunday afternoon.  Later that day, it was sold and off to the new owner.  So it was time to replace it with something that I hopefully will feel much more comfortable with.  Without further ado I give you my new bike.....

It's a Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 in the blacked out edition.  After spending some time putting it together and getting it all dialed in I took a ride around the neighborhood.  I have to tell you that the 27.5" wheel set feels 10000% more manageable and what I want in a bike.  Growing up with the 26" wheels this is much more in line with what I am accustomed too and I LIKE IT....I LIKE IT A LOT!!  Can't wait to get it out on some trails shortly and rip it up.  I will be posting about rides and posting up pics from the trail in the near future.  But for now, enjoy the photos.

Running & Stress

Maybe it's just me, but it seems to be that if you get out and run it helps relieve stress.  I personally believe there is something to the fact that you are out there running and alone with your thoughts that helps get you centered again.  So much in life is bombarding us all the time, that I think if you can get out and take 30+ minutes running, it helps remove some of those external stresses that take up so much energy throughout the day, week, months, & years.  I listen to music, chew gum and run.  I always dread the first mile, but once I get in the groove I love the struggle and the peace that I find while I run.  

So I'd challenge you to get out and run!  Trust me, I was the guy who always said "if I'm going to run it's going to be while playing basketball, soccer, or some sport.  I will NEVER run just to run!"  Well after about a month of pushing myself to run, I found out that I actually really enjoyed it.  I don't even like to do races honestly.  I find getting up super early to get to the start line, to be surrounded by 100's of other people to run isn't really my bag.  I like the peace that I get from me being with just me on the road or the trail.  It is like getting in touch with your inner self and it is absolutely addictive.  Get out and give it a try, you might just find out that you enjoy running like I do.

Joy of Forums

I just thought I'd share a little of my love for forums.  If you haven't yet experienced being part of a forum, I would highly suggest you go check some out.  If you are into cars, sewing, clothes, whatever you enjoy...I'm betting there is a forum dedicated to what you love.  I for one am a huge car fanatic and I am a member of a lot of forums (some I have linked below) and I really enjoy seeing peoples projects, what they have done to the car, and as always it is nice to know that if I ever have a question....I'm sure there is someone who can answer it on the forums.

So like I mentioned, I would highly suggest joining a forum for whatever floats your boat and seeing what the net has to offer you!  You might just fall in love with forums like I have.


New Mini



Porsche 911


Sony Camera


Sony A6300

Just purchased a Sony A6300 for our upcoming trip and also for business advertising ads.  I spent a lot of time looking into different mirrorless cameras and came to the decision to purchase the A6300.  I decided the A6300 was a better value than the A6500 which is the newest version of this camera.  So far I am very pleased with what I am seeing.  I am still in the learning phase as to settings, etc. but the few pictures I have gotten so far I am very happy with.  The lenses I have for it at this point are the Sony 35mm F1.8 and the 55-210 F4.5-6.3.  I bought the 55-210 mainly for shooting the kids playing soccer and the 35mm for everything else.  I am looking into adding possibly one other lens, if you have ideas let me know.