Power of you

Power of YOU!  What exactly does that mean?  A prime example is something that I really enjoy dealing with on a pretty regular basis.  Running!  Let me explain why I think it's a great example.  When I go out on a run, typically the first mile is easy but mentally my mind isn't into it yet so I constantly question if I can complete the run that day.  So the first mile is a major mental game for me.  Once that mile has been finished, I'm in my groove and things just flow.  But....like my run yesterday where I pushed myself to run steep inclines, I am always challenging myself mentally and physically.  

The thing that always amazes me, is the "Power of YOU!"  Yesterday about half way through the hill climb, my mind was saying "you can't finish this hill, it's too hard."  My body was aching, breathing was labored, sweat was pouring off my head, and in that instant you have 2 choices.  Listen to the voice in your head and stop, or tell your mind to "shut it" and push through.  The phrase "mind over matter." is in full swing in these moments.  It is such an interesting fact to analyze if you take the time to do so.

Using my small example, can you think of times that you have had to overcome what your mind was telling you?  These moments happen all the time, and don't have to be associated with a sport.  They happen daily in all sorts of different moments and challenges.  I'd just challenge you to remember the "POWER OF YOU!" the next time you doubt yourself.  You are much greater than you give yourself credit for, and this is a FACT!



second week finished

So I am putting this up there as a side by side by side comparison of where I started to where I am now.  I wish there was a more noticeable difference in the photos, but the side photo is probably the best comparison to see the difference.  As for where I am at weight wise...well I haven't been this low in a while.  I'll attach a photo of what the scale said too.  I'll also say that I will most likely be adding in a little more running, because I like what it does for my body.  It slims me down, not bulks me up.  I will keep you all in the loop on what I change and how it works out.  But for now, here are the photos!

first week of shred month

Well everyone, I have to say the first week has come and gone and it was a so-so week.  I had some really good workouts and feel good about that....but I also didn't accomplish really any of the eating changes I wanted to make.  Because of that, the results were not quite what I wanted...but this week should be better.  Here is a side by side photo of the beginning and then one week later.  Not any change really to be seen.  Next week I'm looking for a bit more of a difference because I plan on being better as far as food intake goes.  Any thoughts?


shaklee global conference extravaganza

I've created a Facebook page EpicGrowth18 and an Instagram account @epicgrowth18.  If you are planning on attending the Shaklee Global Conference I would suggest you follow me on one of those.  Why?  I'm doing a selfie challenge and will be posting the locations where you can come and get a selfie with me and pick up a prize.  So go, take a second and like my FB page and follow my IG page.  Have a fantastic weekend!!

Shred Month Revision

So I know it's now the 3rd and I am already revising my routine but such is life.  First off, I am going to try a little bit different workout schedule.  Why?  Well, last night we went boating with family,  I decided to give slalom skiing a try again (it's been over 25 years since I slalomed)......well I didn't get up and I tweaked my lower back pretty good.  So some workouts are out of the realm of possibility for a few weeks.  

Don't think I am giving up on the "SHRED," just trying to make sure I don't overdo it on a sore lower back.  I'm going to try a routine for a solid week and share my results.  So stay tuned.

July is shred month

I have defined July as "shred month" for myself.  I am dedicated to cutting out all soda, eating really healthy (M-F) and doing my absolute best on Sat and Sun.  I am also working out 5 days a week and have decided to follow a plan I found online here.  I've taken before photos and plan on taking photos every Monday for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  I'm really excited to start on this journey and see where it takes me.  Follow along and give me ideas or insights you might have on how to be successful.

I will also be posting up the meals I do for dinners and the occasional breakfast.  Overall I think this is going to be awesome and I am really looking forward to the results and sharing them with you.  Thanks for following along!

Here are my before photos, and as you can see I shaved my face (I do on occasion and always hate the way I look) which in the next four to six weeks will be back to normal once the facial hair grows back.