Green and Amazon

Today I was thinking about one of my favorite things, Amazon! I’m not going to lie, I love the fact I can buy pretty much anything on Amazon and have it delivered to me in short order. This is the world we live in and a vast majority of people feel the same way I do about the convenience that Amazon offers. But, I feel there is an elephant in the room when it comes to the reality of Amazon and the havoc I’m sure it is causing environmentally.

What do I mean? Take my last order for example. I needed some items for my families 72 hour kits. So I ordered it all on Amazon. Most of the items I ended up keeping except a few. This is when I had a thought cross my mind. When I order an item on Amazon so I can sit my lazy butt on the couch and have it delivered to me what takes place? The order gets packed and shipped. Shipping is done by truck for the most part, and I’d say most of the items I get probably aren’t shipped from a local warehouse. In fact it seems a vast majority are shipped from Vegas for me. So, a truck drives from Vegas to SLC (400 miles). The same item, could be purchased most likely from a local store that is within a 10 mile radius from my home. The environmental impact would be drastically reduced if I drove my semi eco-friendly Subaru 10 miles rather than have a big rig drive 400+ miles for the same item. Then….add in the fact that a lot of times items get sent back for whatever reason. Most my returns end up going back to Vegas, so the harsh reality is that I paid for an item and it went over 800 miles for me to not keep it.

I know that this is a simplistic breakdown and that all of the stores that I mention that are local have items shipped to them also. I think the difference is that Amazon has taken off and grown so quickly that we have no real idea of what the environmental effects will be. The point of this post isn’t to cause argument or make anyone feel bad, because like I said I am a HUGE Amazon user. All I am trying to do here is bring a fact that I feel most of us don’t think about to the forefront of our minds so that we can be better advocates for our planet.

How do we fix this issue? I have no idea, and I’d love to hear comments or input from any of you out there as to what I’ve said.

Throwback to the R56 Mini Cooper S

I was browsing through Vimeo today looking for some cool Mini Cooper videos, and came across this video. WOW! This car is so close in style to what mine looked like I couldn’t believe it. Man I miss that car, it was so much fun. But it was also cursed unfortunately. But this video sure brought back some really good memories of the MINI Utah days. I’m also attaching a photo of my car for comparison.

Update on Habit results and my thoughts

My results are in from my Habit tests. After all my saliva, and blood samples and some time to analyze my data, they have sent my results and I am here to share them with you. First off, I must say the entire experience has been well worth it in my opinion. The blood draw and shake chugging was pretty tough, but for the information I was able to get out of it….I’d say it was worth it.

Once your results are in, you get an email letting you know they are there and ready for you to check out. The website is beautifully done, and all information is well explained. If you don’t know what something means, they have drop down menus that explain in more depth for you. When I say in depth I don’t mean you have to have a Phd to understand what it means. It is perfect for everyone. The website overall is done very well, and I have to say the overall experience is worth the blood and spit.

A few of the items I like the most is when it explains what kind of eater you should be, and breaks down foods that are good for your body and DNA type, and also gives you “hero foods.” Which are foods that they would suggest your body will benefit from most. I’m attaching screen shots of all the results from my tests for you all to see and get a feel for what you can expect from doing the testing yourself.

All in all, I’d say it is worth the money if you are on the hunt for what your body needs and how you can maximize your health. Let me know if you have any questions.

supporting healthy breasts for breast cancer awareness

October is the month that we are made aware of the ongoing struggle for women with breast cancer. It seems that cancer is a word that we hear a lot nowadays, and so I feel it is important that I put out onto the web some things you can do to help in the prevention fight.

  • Number 1 and this plays into ALL aspects of health, is to get to a healthy weight. BMI indexes are sometimes tough. I personally have struggled to get within the “healthy” BMI range, but do your best to get there and it will help with your health in general!

  • Exercise! This goes along with number 1, but it’s amazing what exercise does for your body. Not only do you get the stress relief benefits, you are also shrinking fat cells and regulating your hormone production from those fat cells. Try getting around 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week of moderate intensity.

  • Eat healthy, fresh prepared foods. This is in my personal opinion most likely one of the reasons we hear about cancer so much. We are a society who eats a lot of processed foods, that are not great for our bodies. If you can eat more whole foods, and include broccoli, cranberries, blueberries, kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes they are filled with antioxidants that help maintain healthy breasts and bodies.

  • Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements are extremely beneficial supplements to take to help fill in the gaps in our diets. Both Omega 3 and D3 are vitamins that help maintain healthy breasts.

  • Don’t smoke, and limit drinking. Smoking isn’t good for you in any way shape or form, so stay clear of it or do what you can to quit. Also, limit your alcohol consumption to a drink a day or less. Any more and it can increase the risk of breast health.

  • Breast exams! You should do your own daily, and if you spot anything out of the ordinary go get checked. Also, if you are over 40 you should have an exam once every year or two. This is an example of being proactive, and if something feels off go get it checked.

For you men out there, don’t underestimate the importance of doing most of these things yourself! Main difference would be doing a testicular exam daily. I know these are not things we like to think about or even talk about, but prevention is the best medicine. So please, please, take care of yourselves and you’ll always be happy you did!

Breast cancer awareness

Music to provoke thought

My thoughts today revolve around music. I have loved hip-hop/rap for a very long time, and continue to do so. But, that isn’t the music I want to discuss today (even though the state of that genre has a lot to discuss). I’d like to journey down a rabbit hole that consists of music that is mind and soul stirring. Now I understand music has certain effects on different people, and maybe the music I share won’t hit you like it hits me. But, I consider myself a very well rounded music lover and some of these songs stir up some serious emotions.

Before I get into what music I want to share today, I would like to make sure you understand the power music has. Think about your favorite movie, and imagine it without music. Sound effects are part of the experience but music plays a major role in the impact of a movie or specific scene. I’ll take one of my wife’s favorite movies Twilight and tell you that without the music this movie would be terrible (some might say it is terrible even with the amazing soundtracks). Anyway, without further hesitation here are a few songs that if you listen to them with your eyes closed will take you into a deep state of thought. They honestly send me to another realm and all chaos of the world we live in melts away. There are many more, that I will probably share at a different time…but this will get you started. I also tried to get music that fits this from different genres, so it’s not all the same style. I’d love your thoughts or additions.

Edit: I tried to link actual music to this post, but it didn't work. So share with me what you think fits this bill and let’s go that route.

the world we live in

Hey all, I’ve just been thinking a lot about the state of the world we live in. I would say that I have a pretty diverse group of friends and acquaintances, and with that comes many different opinions and thoughts. One of my favorite things to do, is to discuss “hot” topics with my friends. Do these discussions have opinions on both ends of the spectrum? Yes they do, so obviously with that comes a little bit of head banging. But I will tell you something that I find very critical in these discussions that unfortunately doesn’t happen out in the world…..the art of listening and being open to other points of view.

I can say in total honesty that in some of these discussions my mind has been changed from the stance that I had previously had. Believe it or not, that CAN happen. But only if you are willing to look at both sides of an argument and do some of your own critical thinking. Not only has my mind been changed, but some of my friends minds have been changed more in my direction due to these discussions also. So what is it that is holding our society back from these types of experiences?

Unfortunately as the heading of this post says it’s “the world we live in.” With social media, news channels that are polar opposites, and pretty much all discussion only being “liberal or conservative” these problems will continue to go the way they are unless we are willing to open our minds to different perspectives. One of the major issues I have with the way things are now, is the amount of hate towards anyone who thinks differently than someone else. Since when has having a differing opinion meant, I must “hate and loathe” you?

If I could wish for something, it wouldn’t be World Peace (because unfortunately that’s an unachievable dream in my opinion), my wish would be for people to have the guts to sit down and be rational adults in a discussion. No yelling, no name calling, no hate, just talking with an open mind and if at the end of the discussion things haven’t changed…so be it! It’s not a reason to be angry, not a reason to despise, not a reason to loathe, and not a reason that you can’t be kind, caring, and maybe even friends with the person you disagree with. These are aspects of life that will never go away. We aren’t all going to agree on everything EVER! So let’s act like adults, not little children throwing fits and get along. Not only get along, but be willing to explore options and ideas that could be “middle ground” on an issue. This is how we move forward as a society, and this is how we improve our country, and world. Will it create world peace? I doubt it, but it should allow us to get along much better then we are at this current junction.

I’d love thoughts or differing opinions if you have them. Have a great Tuesday!

The beginning of the habit adventure

I know I had mentioned that I found a cool website that I decided I’d try their service. That site is Habit! Well, both Christie and I received the kit and finally had a day that we felt up to getting all the testing done. I have to say right off that the packaging the testing kit comes in is extremely well put together and the fact that it is fully recyclable made it even more cool. I’m attaching some of the photos of the kit here so you can see what you get. Now, for the ummmmm……fun part. We fasted overnight so that it would be nice and easy. Once the kids were off to school we got right into it.

Cheek swabs…done! That was easy, right? Well, the fun had just begun. Next you get to prick your finger for a blood sample. I had no problem pricking Christie’s finger, but doing it to yourself is something completely different. Ha, you push knowing the pain is coming and you act like going slow is going to make it hurt less…but it doesn’t! In fact I think you are almost more stunned when it goes off doing it yourself then if someone does it for you. After the first blood draw you get to drink a shake, it wasn’t bad but it had a lot of sugar and seriously by the time you finish you just don’t feel so great. Wait 30 minutes and you get to poke yourself again for more blood. After that you get to wait another 90 minutes and do it all over again! Thankfully, at that point you are DONE!

We have sent our tests in and I received an email saying that once the results come in I will receive an email stating what they found. So for now, I wait…and when I do find out the results I will have a breakdown of them and thoughts on if I feel the whole process is worth it.

For now, just wait with me and we will see how it goes.

Have you ever wondered why you should "Go Green?"

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Green Cleaners