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Epic Nutrition (Madsen Associated) has been providing health and financial freedom to countless people for over 50 years.  We have teamed up with Shaklee a natural nutrition and wellness company that has over 60 years of business and 100 years of science behind it. The products are hands down some of the best on the planet, with science to prove it.  The reason we want to mention the amazing science behind our products is because it sets us apart from pretty much anyone else in the industry.  Our products are 100% Guaranteed and you can be sure that what we say is in the actually in the product.  I won't mention names, but that isn't always the case when you by "X" brand.  It costs money to invest in science and to make sure you provide the best product possible.  So you won't be able to compare our prices to "X" brand because there is so much more behind our products.

  Not only do we provide these amazing products, but Shaklee has a long list of achievements that show how relevant we are in the industry.  I'll name a few.

  • Voyager, the first non stop flight around the world.
  • Jacques Cousteau used our cleaners on his vessels.
  • The first unsupported North Pole expedition.
  • World record for human powered flight.
  • First American to Summit Everest without supplemental oxygen.
  • Capt. Scott Kelly's full year in space.
  • NASA rehydration drink
  • 121 and counting Olympic Medals

What do those all have in common?  They were powered by Shaklee products.  Products you can trust!


Science Proven

Without fail, people want proof that what you say is true.  Do I blame them for that?  No way!  In this day and age you can never be too careful.  If you want to see how people who have taken Shaklee supplements for over 20 years compare to those who take a store bought Multi, and to people that don't take supplements click here!





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