Search continues...

The search for a replacement to the Epic Mini Cooper continues.  I have test driven a couple of off the wall idea vehicles and they didn't cut it.  I'm looking for something that has the "wow" factor and that I can create a custom product/flyer display that could be pulled out and on display while the vehicle is parked.  The ultimate goal is to have this be a mobile advertising piece that is hands on and wows people.  Here are the two vehicles that I checked out.  

First off, I drove an LMV (Light Military Vehicle) and it was AWESOME!!  But, being realistic it was too big.  It was 21' Long and about 15' tall.  So that one got the axe pretty quick.

Next up was this beauty!  Unimog 404 and it was fun to drive, and a real eye pleaser.  This would've been more manageable and would've fit in my garage.  But, if you read online these are considered fast tractors, slow trucks.  It was definitely slow and would've been difficult to live with on a day to day basis. 

So, the hunt continues.  I'd like something like these, but able to at least hang with traffic a little on the freeway and a bit more civilized on the road.  Hmmmmm.....If you have any input let me know!

Unimog 404
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