A Bit More Engine Work

Last Saturday I was able to put in a little bit of work and finally fix a few problem areas.  First of all I finally was able to remove the old throttle cable.  I had it all disconnected but the housing pushes into the firewall and creates a seal.  That seal had corroded and would not come out.  So after trying everything I could think of it came down to the last resort....drill it out.  I was able to drill it out without making the hole in the firewall any bigger so the new cable fits perfect!  Wooohooo!  Call that a small win in my book.

While I was dealing with that I decided to test fit my new Clutch, and Brake Master Cylinders.  I also polished up some of the pipe coming from the master cylinders.  I think it looks fantastic.  I then moved over to the passenger suspension to finally tighten it all down.  Come to find out there was a massive tear in the CV Boot.  So I ended my day on that note.  I figure now that I need to replace the CV Boot I will be doing the front disc brake swap at the same time.  So tightening down the front suspension will be a little bit.  But, progress is progress....however slow it is.

Dan MadsenComment