Updates Up To April 7th, 2017

So far, I have done or am in the process of doing these next items.

Stage 1 Performance Kit

Oil Change

Spark Plugs



Upper Engine Stabilizer

Replace Stock Stabilizer

Lower Stabilizer

Rebuild Carb

Reupholstered Seats

Shift Knob

Exterior Chrome Trim

Wheels & Tires

Drum to Disc Conversion Front

Stainless Brake Lines

Hi/Lo Suspension

Red Dot Cone Springs

New Bushings All Around

If I think of anything else I have added or am adding I will post that up when I think of it.  I'm going to post pics from the when I picked it up to where it is now.  I really look forward to getting this thing rolling again to enjoy the weather!  Plan is by next spring to have it painted and ready to show off as an advertising piece for Epic Nutrition (aka Madsen Associated).  Enjoy the pics and tell me what you think!

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