Coming Together!

It's been a little bit since I updated my progress on the mini.  I've currently got almost all of the interior back together.  I have not installed the seats yet because I have a few other items to handle before that.  Also the dash should be going in this weekend.  I'm awaiting one more part to have the final install of the rear lap belts done, and then the interior will be pretty much done.  I've also got new driveshafts and front disc brakes ready to install and I just need to find some time to get around to doing it.  Once that is done, I should be able to finish putting the engine all back together.  I've got some fun business minded advertising ideas for the interior of the car that you will have to see!  Gonna be awesome!

This has definitely been a learning process for me, and I am really enjoying the project.  I'll update again shortly.  Thanks for looking!

A Bit More Engine Work

Last Saturday I was able to put in a little bit of work and finally fix a few problem areas.  First of all I finally was able to remove the old throttle cable.  I had it all disconnected but the housing pushes into the firewall and creates a seal.  That seal had corroded and would not come out.  So after trying everything I could think of it came down to the last resort....drill it out.  I was able to drill it out without making the hole in the firewall any bigger so the new cable fits perfect!  Wooohooo!  Call that a small win in my book.

While I was dealing with that I decided to test fit my new Clutch, and Brake Master Cylinders.  I also polished up some of the pipe coming from the master cylinders.  I think it looks fantastic.  I then moved over to the passenger suspension to finally tighten it all down.  Come to find out there was a massive tear in the CV Boot.  So I ended my day on that note.  I figure now that I need to replace the CV Boot I will be doing the front disc brake swap at the same time.  So tightening down the front suspension will be a little bit.  But, progress is progress....however slow it is.

New Knob, Shifting Heaven

I just received my new custom made knob.  I had one that looked very similar (just a different shift pattern, & saying) for my R56 MINI Cooper S.  This knob is heavy and makes shifting so amazing.  At least I have something new to report on the project.  This thing seems to be taking a long time to get going.  I am really aiming to have it up and running by August.  We will see.


Here we have my newly powder coated 10" wheels!  Looking forward to getting these bad boys mounted up.  The project is moving ahead very very slowly.  I just haven't had a lot of down time to put into working on the Mini.  Hopefully soon I can spend a few solid hours on it, and get it up and running.  What do you think of the color choice?  These are going to look very different in different lighting conditions.

Little Bit Further...

I am slowly but surely (when I have time) progressing to a finished product.  The other day I was able to finish buttoning down the front exhaust, and then worked on removing the brake and clutch master cylinders to replace with new units.  I was also able to install the new heater take off, and front upper engine steady.  Here are some pics.  Do you notice something odd in one of the photos?  Yes the pin that goes through the brake and clutch pedal to connect it to the master cylinder is typically held in place by a split pin.  The brake had a split pin, but someone decided a split pin wasn't needed for the was held in place by a zip tie.  Talk about crazy!


I have taken my wheels down to have some bends fixed and also get them repowdercoated a new color.  These are going to be some good looking steelies when they are done!  I'll post up pics of them when I get them back in a couple weeks.  But this is how they looked when I took them in to get worked on.

Carb Rebuild

I have been busy rebuilding the carburetor over the last couple weeks.  I finally have finished rebuilding it, and will be installing it hopefully this week sometime.  It was a fun learning process, and I tell you what....taking pictures the first time around is a must in my opinion.  I had to look back on my photos multiple times to make sure I was reinstalling parts correctly.  Now the true test is if it fires up and runs correctly!  LOL!!  It was full of gunk and I am glad I got it all cleaned out.  Tell me what you think of the difference!