Epic Mini Cooper SOLD

Hello all, I just want to inform you that the mini has been sold!  I'm happy to say it went to a really good home.  He grew up with minis, and always wanted one......now he has one.  He was extremely excited to pick up this beauty.  Anyway, keep an eye on this page because it will be changing a bit.  It will be going from Epic Mini Cooper to ???????  Wait and see, it will be worth it!

Posted For Sale

For those of you who know me, this shouldn't come as a surprise.  For those of you who don't know me, I'll just say that I enjoy cars.....and then I want to enjoy something else.  So I've had some seriously fun driving time with this baby, and if I can find a buyer who is willing to pay what I'd like to get out of it, it will be finding a new home.  If I don't find a buyer, I will continue to enjoy every minute with it.  I have some other cars that I'd love to own and enjoy in my sights and now seems like a good time to post this one up for sale.  Here is my KSL ad.


Bump In the road

Got up this morning to take the car in and get the carb tuned so I can pass emissions.  But I backed the car out of the garage and noticed a line of dripped fluid.  Popped the hood thinking it could be radiator leakage...nope.  So I got down on the ground to smell the fluid and it was fuel.  Looked under the hood again and bam the fuel pump was leaking all over the place.  Needless to say the car went back in the garage and I have a new fuel pump and a carb rebuild kit shipping out today.  Tonight I will begin the breakdown so that when the parts arrive I can throw them on and get partying.  Glad it happened in the driveway instead of while I was out and about.