Bump In the road

Got up this morning to take the car in and get the carb tuned so I can pass emissions.  But I backed the car out of the garage and noticed a line of dripped fluid.  Popped the hood thinking it could be radiator leakage...nope.  So I got down on the ground to smell the fluid and it was fuel.  Looked under the hood again and bam the fuel pump was leaking all over the place.  Needless to say the car went back in the garage and I have a new fuel pump and a carb rebuild kit shipping out today.  Tonight I will begin the breakdown so that when the parts arrive I can throw them on and get partying.  Glad it happened in the driveway instead of while I was out and about.


First day driving her to work

Just a few pics of how she looks sitting outside the office.  Oh and today I had an interesting experience.  Drove the kids to school and as I was driving the girls something sounded really bad from the front passenger side.  So bad that I ended up pulling over to investigate.  Looked under the wheel well and saw metal.  What could that be?  Wait for it......it was the antenna!  It had dropped so far that it had caught itself on the front tire and was making all sorts of noise.  Pushed it up and all was good in the world again.

Starting a new journey

Welcome my 1991 Mini Cooper from Japan!  This is BRG (British Racing Green) with a white roof, sitting on 10" steel wheels that have been painted cream.  Something that sets Japanese minis apart from almost all other minis is the fact it has AC!  Also, the front wing mounted mirrors are a dead giveaway that it is from Japan.  This car has the 1275cc motor and was the last year of the carburetor before it went to an SPI motor.  It runs and drives fantastic!  The dash has been converted to an earlier style dash (center speedo) which I prefer.  I will post up some better photos later today or if not today, next week.  Now the journey of getting it registered here in the US begins!  Enjoy!