Alzheimers Awareness Month

Brain Health Products

Since November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, I figured I’d post up key products that are beneficial to overall brain health. I’ve added links to each of these products to make it nice and easy for you to get the products that keep you healthy and happy!

A Multi-Vitamin and Protein are the building blocks of health.

CoQ Heart is packed with CoQ10 which is great because your bodies production of CoQ10 decreases as you age.

OmegaGuard is full of Omega 3. Omega 3 is produced in our bodies but at a very slow rate. It is also found in fish, and has been called “brain food” by many.

Mindworks is a Shaklee proprietary blend of ingredients to help sharpen focus and brain function. We have many customers that swear by this product.

Vitamin C is a cellular antioxidant and immune protectant.

Mental Acuity is a product which one of the main ingredients is Ginko Biloba. Ginko contains flavonoids and terpenoids which are antioxidants that provide protection from free radicals and cell damage.

Vivix is an amazing product created to help protect your cells and help slow aging at a cellular level. If you haven’t noticed a trend, a lot of these products suggested are antioxidants to protect you from cell damage.

Healthy Solutions Pack is a popular pack to get you started in the right direction. It has 3 of the products listed above included in the pack.

So there you have it! A few supplements to help in your quest for better health and immunity. These products aren’t only for brain health, taking any of them will help you with your overall health. Having my mom suffering from this disease has opened my eyes to the harsh reality that I need to do everything I can to help my body fight to keep my mind fresh. With the foods and environmental toxins that we are bombarded with daily, the fight is only getting harder. So if you are like me and cherish your mind working for you….I’d challenge you to do what you can to keep it fed and able to fight the battles ahead as we ALL get older.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or even just leave a comment here.


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