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Shaklee shout outs

Shaklee October Join Anniversaries


10 - 19 Years

Cheri H. - 18 years

Michelle K. - 14 years

Diane S. - 13 years

Mariaelena G. - 13 years

Madeleine D. - 12 years

0 - 9 years

Kerry A. - 9 years

Patti D. - 9 years

Annalee D. - 9 years

Clare T. - 8 years

Trista R. - 7 years

Janet C. - 6 years

Christian C. - 2 years

JoAnn H. - 2 years

Nena B. - 1 year 


I just want to congratulate all of you on your Shaklee Anniversaries!  As I look through this list, I realize how many lives have been blessed because of Shaklee, including my own.  No matter where you are on your Shaklee journey, I congratulate you and look forward to seeing you move up the list as time goes forward.  Again CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women’s Health Products

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I figured I’d post up key products that are beneficial to overall women’s health. I’ve added links to each of these products to make it nice and easy for you to get the products that keep you healthy and happy!

A Multi-Vitamin and Protein are the building blocks of health.

Carotomax is packed with carotenoids that help protect against free radicals.

Vitamin D3 combats free radicals and promotes overall health.

B Complex supports cardiovascular health, cell renewal, and also helps manage stress.

Vitamin C is a cellular antioxidant and immune protectant.

So there you have it! A few supplements to help in your quest for better health and immunity. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or even just leave a comment here.


Providing lasting health and unlimited financial freedom, to anyone and everyone for generations to come!


My name is Dan Madsen, I am married and have 4 kids. They keep me on my toes, but I love every minute of it. I want to see my kids take over the business someday and continue the legacy that was started by my parents.  The fact that the business can be handed down for generations is a point that shouldn't be taken lightly.  Imagine yourself building a business that is generational.  Does that sound like something you think would be worth looking into?

Yes, it is work.  It's a job.  But putting effort into a business you own, and you can pass on to whoever you choose is worth it wouldn't you agree?  Providing health to those you know and care about is worth it don't you think?  Take a minute and think about what you have just read, and if it makes sense to you even in the slightest.  Contact me and lets talk!  I will show you what we are all about, and let you make the decision.  All I do is show you the products and opportunity, the rest is up to you.  No pressure here!

2018 Major events

We will be hosting a couple events coming up that will be Epic!

More planning needs to be done before I post dates, but stay tuned!!

Everyone is welcome to join us for these events to learn and share.

All events unless noted will be held at our office (2560 East 3300 South #100)


Online Store open 24/7 

We welcome you to come into our physical office or our online storefront and see what we have to offer.  Our physical location is open M-F 11a-6p and is located at 2560 East 3300 South #100 in Salt Lake City, UT.  The online storefront is located on the world wide!  We look forward to helping you find health and financial freedom if you so desire.  When we meet, give me a shout out and let me know you came in because of this page.  A gift is awaiting those who let me know they found us at!  

Family being....well our family!  LOL

Crazy with Sloan Barnett!

Ragnar is FUN!

My Wife and I kicking Ragnars Butt!

Ragnar Hill, was BRUTAL!

My crew!